Monday, March 19, 2018

Historic Springfield: St. Patty's Day Video

The Historic Springfield neighborhood is located just north of downtown and offers awesome historic experiences along with its hip new restaurants, breweries and public art.

Established in 1869 and located adjacent to the north of Downtown Jacksonville, the Springfield neighborhood is a cool place to visit! This historic neighborhood is filled with restored mansions, hip restaurants, locally owned shops, some of the city's oldest parks, craft breweries and tons of southern charm with majestic oaks providing protective shade along its residential streets. This neighborhood gives visitors a window into Jacksonville’s past and the city’s effort to preserve its history. 
Every November, Springfield hosts Porch Fest, where live music takes over the porches of Historic Springfield. Check out one of Jacksonville's newest breweries, Hyperion Brewing Company
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Financial Advice

Financial Advice - Don't Make These Three Mortgage Mistake

For most buyers, the mortgage is the largest monthly expense they will ever have. Yet many borrowers don’t know how to prepare, negotiate or shop for mortgage loans.
  1. Compare lenders. A loan officer works for a bank or savings and loan and offers you proprietary loan packages. A mortgage broker shops your deal around to various lenders and gets quotes for you. You’ll have to share personal financial information to get a realistic rate, and then pick the lender’s offer you like best.
  2. Pay attention to terms. All fees are negotiable. It’s all in your loan estimate and closing disclosure form when you’ve applied for the loan, so ask for a blank one up front so you can compare fees. Ask the reason for each fee if it’s not apparent.
  3. Choose the right type of loan. Current market conditions favor fixed rates, because rates are rising from all-time lows. Yes, they cost more than hybrid loans or adjustable rate loans, but the base amount is fixed and doesn’t change. Only your taxes and hazard insurance will cost you more over the years.
If you get an adjustable rate mortgage, you are at the mercy of market conditions. While there’s a cap on how high your interest rate can go, it’s only a good risk if you plan to occupy your home less than five years.
Ask your lender to explain the risks and benefits of the types of loans available.